Sea and Love

From our hands to yours, because when you love what you do, everything tastes better

  • Seafood

    Caught, processed and packed with no interruptions, to preserve all the freshness and flavour. Special care is taken with cleaning, which is performed manually, to remove all sand.

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  • Fish

    Caught exclusively in the best fishing grounds and packed manually without delay to guarantee freshness.

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  • Fishes

    In Cuca we elaborate our products with the most exquisite raw materials. This glass jar allows you to extract the loins of light tuna in one piece, without crumbling, so you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

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Spot Sardinillas Cuca con Bertín Osborne – 2018

Conservas Cuca ha preparado un spot que estará presente en los canales de televisión a nivel nacional desde mayo 2018. En este spot el reconocido presentador de televisión Bertín Osborne nos presenta las buenísimas Sardinillas Cuca.