The highest selection and manufacturing processes are Cuca's keystones. Production begins by selecting the best raw materials, only accepting those that fulfill all of the requirements to become a Cuca product, then a careful manual processing to clean the products, one by one. This is how a top quality product is offered, in which every little detail has been overseen.
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  • Cuca selects and processes the best seafood to bring to you. Caught and cleaned by hand, to remove all sand, the byssus is also manually removed. A clean and top quality product is provided. Cuca's seafood selection: Clams, cockles, mussels, razor shells and variegated scallops. This seafood is only processed during each one's optimal period, to guarantee maximum quality in each tin.
  • Cuca selects and processes the best fish for its products, thus ensuring that its range comprises fish caught with the utmost care from its natural environment and processed following traditional methods, which leads to superior taste and texture. Cuca's fish range comprises small sardines, sardines, white tuna, bonito tuna, mackerel, frigate mackerel, squid, small squid and Cantabrian anchovies. Fish exquisitely selected and prepared, direct from the sea to your kitchen.
  • Cuca is the first brand of tinned products to achieve the ecological certification. As part of their commitment to the environment and the production of healthy and top quality foods, this range was created using ecological extra virgin olive oil. The range comprises: white tuna fillets, sardines and anchovy fillets. All made with the best extra virgin olive oil.