The iodine in the cockles is an essential mineral for maintaining an active metabolism and feeling good. It is also essential for pregnant women and for children, as it contributes to brain development, and thus to intelligence.

Light and refreshing, high in protein and low in calories. Razor shells are rich in iron, potassium and phosphorus. They are good for people who do not want to gain weight and want to be well nourished.

Bonito tuna is a good antidote against aging, as it is rich in Omega-3 and low in Omega-6 and cholesterol, therefore it is excellent in avoiding fatty deposits in our arteries and organ deterioration.

This dish has rice and all the protein, vitamins and minerals, such as iron from the variegated scallop. It is  energetic and healthy.

Energy and zest for life. Squid is rich in protein, minerals and B vitamins and is highly nutritious ideal for people with high cholesterol. Squid ink also contains proteins that have antiinflamatory and healing properties. Combined with pasta it is a highly nutritious and energy-packed dish.